Unveiling the Mitsubishi Triton Concept: A Glimpse into the Future

The flagship model of Mitsubishi Motors, the Triton has won the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide and is coming back fully redesigned.

Introducing the Mitsubishi XRT Concept

We are thrilled to announce the debut of the Mitsubishi XRT Concept at the prestigious Bangkok International Motor Show 2023. As the flagship model of Mitsubishi Motors, the Triton has won the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide and is manufactured at the state-of-the-art Laemchabang Factory in Thailand. Now, after nearly a decade, the Triton is set to receive its first full redesign, marking the arrival of the much-anticipated sixth generation of this iconic midsize ute.

The Mitsubishi XRT Concept is a spectacular preview of the all-new Triton. Boasting a fierce and commanding front expression, the concept’s robust hood flows seamlessly to the sides with striking horizontal design elements. Sporting front and rear over fenders and mud-terrain tires, this concept exudes the strength and agility required to conquer challenging terrains and endure gruelling rallies. The body’s captivating camouflage design, inspired by the energy-packed lava rocks, adds a touch of adventure to the overall appeal. Additionally, the sides feature a captivating graphic of the 10-parallel line Ralliart brand icon, symbolising Mitsubishi Motors’ unwavering passion for driving.

As part of Mitsubishi Motors’ commitment to pushing boundaries, the all-new Triton will participate in the Asia Cross Country Rally 2024, showcasing its capabilities on the rugged racetrack. Team Mitsubishi Ralliart, backed by Mitsubishi Motors’ technical support, will compete with a prototype cross-country model (Group T1 specifications), aiming for another victory. Under the guidance of the skilled two-time Dakar Rally champion driver, Hiroshi Masuoka, the team will demonstrate the Triton’s prowess on the rally stage. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Motors engineers will be conducting pre-testing and providing invaluable support to the team throughout the rally. The expertise gained from these rally adventures will be channelled back into the development of Mitsubishi’s production vehicles, ensuring that every Mitsubishi bears the signature Mitsubishi Motors-ness: safe, comfortable, and enjoyable driving experiences, regardless of weather or road conditions.

Looking ahead to the promising future, Takao Kato, President, and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors, expressed his excitement about the fiscal year 2023 as a pivotal time for the brand’s growth. The release of the fully revamped Triton, along with an all-new compact SUV, will spearhead their journey towards greater achievements. The meticulous testing and incorporation of rally-proven knowledge guarantee that the all-new Triton will exceed expectations, delivering remarkable performance and reliability. Mitsubishi Motors is dedicated to creating vehicles that resonate with drivers on every level, promising an exhilarating and distinctive Mitsubishi experience.

Join us on this thrilling ride as we usher in a new era for Mitsubishi Motors. Stay tuned for the latest updates and gear up for the future of automotive excellence!

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